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The Mechanical Triaxial Jointmeter is designed to measure movement in three axes across any joint, be it a construction joint in concrete or a tension crack in rock.

The Mechanical Triaxial Jointmeter is designed to monitor three way displacement (X, Y and Z) across joints or cracks between adjoining concrete and rock structures.

The Jointmeter comprises two elements; a zinc coated measurement arm and a Stainless Steel reference head, both attached to reinforcing bar embedment anchor stems.

The measurement arm incorporates three orthogonal locating bushes, designed to receive a mechanical or electronic micrometer.

The Stainless Steel reference head is a cubic anvil, with precision machined reference faces, providing a surface against which the triaxial displacement measurements are made.

Manual measurement with a mechanical gauge is a more preferred option when fewer readings are required.


 Mechanical Triaxial Jointmeter With Digital Or Dial Depth Gauge User Manual

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